Proven Benefits of Writing by Hand That Will Boost Your Brain

Most of us rely on modern technologies on a daily basis, which is very convenient since you can easily, say, send a text message or use an app to chat with your friends. Useful? Yes. However, that doesn’t mean that writing by hand should be viewed as something obsolete. On the contrary, it has mighty benefits for the brain according to science.

#1. It improves learning skills and memory

Research conducted by the Association for Psychological Science shows that people who write by hand rather than take notes on a laptop or tablet understand and comprehend information much better. The thing is that taking notes in longhand helps remember more of what you hear. Consequently, people who jot down notes are more eloquent and can express themselves clearly.


#2. It relieves stress

When you write your brain focuses on the very process of writing and, thus, calms down. Scientists believe that writing about our feelings can help take a new look at problems and reduce the risk of depression while writing down sentences like “I will be more confident” at least twenty times can help you get emotionally stronger. Some studies show that writing about positive things about each day can make your sleep healthier.

#3. It helps keep your brain sharp

Like we mentioned above, sticking with a pen and paper improves your memory. Add to this that when you write your brain coordinates verbal and fine movement systems and you will get a mentally strenuous activity that can help keep your brain young and sharp at any age. Experts also say that writing in cursive in particular stimulates the both hemispheres of your brain.

#4. It boosts reading skills


Handwriting puts to work various sections of the brain responsible for memorizing things, thinking, analyzing and processing information. Therefore, the more you write, the faster you read, and the more information you are able to absorb. Moreover, reading itself improves brain connections and develops an ability to visualize and build a mental picture of an event described in a book.

#5. It sharpens creativity

Writing in cursive or practicing calligraphy engages even more of your brain than simple writing and, consequently, helps to unleash your creativity and develop artistic talents. While writing your brain learns to apply even strokes, remembers distinctive features of letters, and improves classification and categorization skills.