“We are what we eat” has become a modern mantra. And, while many of us keep repeating it daily, few realize that food really matters. What you eat can either improve your memory and concentration abilities or eventually kill your intelligence and diminish your brainpower.

Explore our top list of brain boosting foods you should include in your diet right now.

#1. Deeply colored berries


Recent scientific studies have dropped a bomb by indicating that antioxidants called anthocyanins can deliver at least six (!) brain benefits. Thus, consuming enough anthocyanin-rich food

  • promotes a boom of brain cells in the hypothalamus and, consequently, improves memory
  • lowers the risk of depression
  • boosts concentration
  • prevents dementia
  • improves short-term memory
  • reduces effects of Alzheimer’s

Since anthocyanin is also a plant pigment, you will always know a berry rich in it by its deep red, purple, or blue color. Tip: Add a handful of blackcurrants, blackberries or blueberries to your morning yoghurt or bowl of cereal every day.

#2. Oily fish


Oily fish is essential when it comes to maintaining healthy brain function. Oily fish including salmon, sardines, tuna, and herring contains high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, low levels of which can result in occasional forgetfulness and cognitive decline and can be linked to a greater risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. If you keep forgetting things, be sure to include oily fish in your diet. The trick is that the fatty acids that can be found in oily fish go straight to your head and, thus, almost momentarily give your brain a boost.

Tip: consume as many as 8 ounces of sea fish per week to improve your brain function.

#3. Eggs


Did you know that your brain shrinks with age? As much as it sounds inevitable, most of us have a secret weapon against brain shrinkage right in our fridges. Eggs are rich in vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, and choline, which makes eggs a natural remedy for Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Moreover, they contain cholesterol that can repair brain damage, strengthen its cells, and improve memory. Tip: Recent studies have proven that consuming eggs have no negative impact on blood cholesterol levels.

Foods like these are real powerhouses when it comes to brain health. Feed your brain the right way to increase your intelligence and reduce the risk of dementia.