The human brain is claimed to be the most complex structure both in the human body and in the universe. It’s only natural that there are so many myths about the brain. We’ve collected the most amazing and mind-blowing did-you-knows to boost your brain awareness.

#1. The Fatty Consumer

While the human brain is relatively small and weighs 3 pounds on average comprising around 2% of the total body weight, it requires lots of energy and oxygen to maintain its functions. Just imagine, it consumes around 20% of the body’s total energy supply. Besides, the human brain is 60% fat! Thus, adding healthy fat sources like omega-rich salmon, nuts, and avocado to your diet will help your brain perform at its best. What’s both interesting and a bit scary is that sticking to a low-fat diet can cause brain cells to eat themselves!

#2. Drinking Problem


On the other hand, your brain is also 73% water. Thus, to consume enough healthy fats is as essential for your brain health as to drink enough water. Being dehydrated just by 2% has a negative impact on your cognitive skills and may result in dizziness, brain fog, and memory problems. About a half-gallon of water per day is enough for your brain cells not to dry out.

#3. Amazing Brain Power

Did you know that your brain could power a light bulb? This is because your brain never rests – every second billions of your neurons communicate with each other sending electrical signals back and forth generating a relatively small amount of electricity. On average, the human brain produces from 12 to 25 watts, which is enough to turn on a LED bulb.

#4. The Crazy Fast Thinker


Apparently, the human brain doesn’t suffer from Tachophobia, or the fear of speed. It has been estimated that nerve impulses travel at 286 mph! Therefore, it’s mission impossible to spy on your brain and track how it makes, say, your knee bend. However, not every single thought travels at this impressively high speed. It may take seconds or even minutes to solve a hard math problem.

#5. Hidden superpowers

Have you ever heard of awake brain surgery? This does sound terrifying but, in fact, it doesn’t hurt since your brain can never, ever, experience a sharp, stabbing, shooting, dull, or any other type of pain. This is because there are no pain receptors in your brain. It is also remarkable that headaches are rooted in pain-sensitive structures such as muscles, nerves, blood vessels, etc. rather than in the brain itself.

The Bottom Line

Did you know that while you were reading this article your blood entered certain areas of your brain, reduced stress, and improved your cognitive abilities?