Pass the math IQ test to find out your IQ score

Finish the following sequence: 6, 8, 12, 20, 36, …

How to Take a Mental Math IQ Test Correctly?

Firstly, don’t cheat! Rely on your wits rather than on devices. No matter how much time it may take you to ace all the 10 math problems, just know that if you do so, you are more intelligent than 90% of the population!

This IQ test is composed of 10 math problems of different difficulty levels, which not only helps to find out your IQ score very fast but also keeps your mind focused making the most of your brain during the test. So, secondly, try not to jot down any calculations, this is a mental math test.

By the way, did you know that 80% of IQ is genetically determined, while the rest 20% is what you acquire during your lifetime? Stress can have a negative impact on your genetic IQ, so, thirdly, try to relax before the test.

Finally, make sure you answer all the 10 questions, so that we could calculate your IQ score accurately. It won’t take long, as our algorithms can calculate it within a second after the test is finished. Ready to find out if you are a true math genius?